Association des Jeunes pour la Paix et la Non Violence – Homeless Guinée

Established in 2014, AJPNV aim to helping homeless people reintegrate into the community through organising football activities, awareness-raising workshops, education, and skills training.


Marginalised youth and people experiencing homelessness


Kaloum, Dixinn, Matam, Matoto, Ratoma, Kindia, Labe, Kankan, and N’nzrekore

Homelessness Statistics

Of the population, 7 million, live below the national poverty line (World Food Programme, 2018)
Of the urban population live in slums (UNSD, 2019)

Poverty is already a major issue in Guinea, but the 2014 Ebola outbreak has left many vulnerable people in a more precarious position (The World Bank, 2019). There is little to no governmental safety nets, meaning rural communities lack access to any assistance (Borgen Project, 2017).