Asociación Manos Amigas Deporte Y Recreación

Asociación Manos Amigas Deporte Y Recreacion Guatemala (Helping Hands Sports & Recreation Association Guatemala) was established in order to promote physical and recreational activities for children and youth in urban and rural areas of Guatemala, as well as to support their academic development.

AMA run festivals of street football and a national street football tournament. They organise an extensive, structured six-month training course called Young Leadership, Changing the Game (“Liderazgo Joven Cambiando el Juego”) designed to train individuals to organize their own football programmes. The course includes workshops on human rights, values, and political education.

Organisation Details


Children and youth from high-risk areas and rural communities


Across Guatemala, including Guatemala City, Santa Lucia, and Ciudad Quetzal

Homelessness Statistics

475 000
People estimated to have no housing at all
8 000
Street children at risk of recruitment by street gangs (CGC, 2012)

Indigenous peoples are among the most vulnerable to homelessness due to forced evictions and demolitions (Periodísmo Alternativo, 2014).

Another cause for homelessness is gender-based violence – 47% of women in Guatemala suffer from domestic violence (Women Under Siege, 2012). On average, two women are killed every day, making the lives of homeless women particularly insecure (CSIS, 2013).