GIMAT Volunteer Network

GIMAT Volunteer Network (GVN) is a social enterprise project that operates developmental and sports programmes in deprived communities in Ghana. They support street children, orphans, school drop-outs, and people with disabilities, by providing them the opportunity to develop new skills and access education.

Their football activities are run under the banner of Klang Martulis Soccer Academy project, which is open to street children, orphans, and school drop-outs. At the Academy, they are given education, skills development training, and football coaching.


Street children, orphans, school dropouts, and people who suffer from disabilities



Homelessness Statistics

Of Ghana's urban residents live in slums
Of people experiencing homelessness in Ghana are under the age of 20

Urbanisation has driven up rates of homelessness. Domestic violence is a major cause of female and youth homelessness. Many women move to the streets, accompanied by their children, in order to escape domestic violence (GhanaWeb).