Anstoss! e.V. Bundesvereinigung für Soziale Integration durch Sport

Anstoss! e.V. Bundesvereinigung für Soziale Integration durch Sport (Kick off! National Association for Social Integration through Sports) uses sports – especially street football – as an integral part of social and welfare work, particularly with homeless people. They aim to raise the profile of sports for social work nationally. They work with universities in Kiel and Hamburg to evaluate and develop their programme, as well as guidelines for good practice on the basis of sound scientific evidence.

Some of their regional projects are supported by professional clubs such as Hamburger SV and Werder Bremen.

Organisation Details


Men and women affected by poverty and social marginalisation, especially homeless people, people who have grown up around violence, and those recently released from prison


Across Germany

Homelessness Statistics


Number of homeless people in Germany, marking a 150% increase in two years due to the inclusion of refugees (EOH, 2017)

Of the people in assistance programs for homelessness were immigrants (Spiegel, 2013).
Percentage of disposable income 50% of poor households spend on housing (EOH, 2017)

Since the economic crisis, the number of homeless people has been rising, largely due to an increased number of immigrants who put further pressure on social services (EurActiv, 2014).