Anstoss! e.V. Bundesvereinigung für Soziale Integration durch Sport

Founded in 2006, Anstoß! e.V formalised the organisation of the German team for the Homeless World Cup, which had previously been brought together by a group of streetpapers.

After receiving funding from Aktion Mensch between 2010-2013, Anstoß! e.V was able to build their national network for social football activities, which today is still the basis of the network of German street football.

As part of their main activities, Anstoß! e.V brings representation of social sport activities to the media and their official partners and club football. This includes the coordination of regional street-leagues, organisation of national championships, and HWC participation. Anstoß! e.V is also dedicated to developing new structures of social sports and collaborating with academic research and professional social work.

Anstoß! e.V works in cooperation with FC St. Pauli – Hamburg, with the club supporting street football activities in Hamburg, as well as supporting the German championship.

Organisation Details


Men and women 16 years and older.

People affected by the various forms of homelessness, clients of drug help facilities, people living in refugee shelters, clients of probation centers and offender assistance, people living in social isolation.


Bavaria, mainly Nuremberg and Munic/ Hessen, mainly Wiesbaden/Niedesachsen, mainly Bremen and Oldenburg/ Schleswig Holstein and Hamburg, mainly Kiel and Hamburg.

Homelessness Statistics


Number of homeless people in Germany, marking a 150% increase in two years due to the inclusion of refugees (EOH, 2017)

Of the people in assistance programs for homelessness were immigrants (Spiegel, 2013).
Percentage of disposable income 50% of poor households spend on housing (EOH, 2017)

Since the economic crisis, the number of homeless people has been rising, largely due to an increased number of immigrants who put further pressure on social services (EurActiv, 2014).