Collectif EN JEU

Collectif EN JEU is the Homeless World Cup Partner in France. As a collective of a number of associations and other organisations, they organise sports events as well as cultural programmes for disadvantaged people.

Originally organised by the Parisian collective “Remise en jeu,” Team France have been participating in the Homeless World Cup since 2004. Since 2011, Collectif EN JEU, based in and around Montpellier, have taken on the organisation of the annual national tournament “Tournoi national de la solidarité” (National Solidarity Tournament). They are also in charge of the selection, training, and preparation of the French Team prior to the Homeless World Cup.

Organisation Details


Homeless men and women living in supported accommodation or in hostels


Avignon, Lille, Marseille, Montauban, Paris, Poitiers, Rodez, Vesoul, and Montpellier

Homelessness Statistics

Homelessness is rising especially among immigrants – there are around 90,000 new immigrants in France every year, mostly from Eastern European countries (The Local, 2014). One of the largest and most isolated homeless immigrant groups are the Roma, who often sleep rough, speak no French, and are subject to police violence (Mediaparts, 2013).