Homelessness Statistics


Rise in homelessness among vulnerable groups since 2010 (Shelter, 2019)


Number of people considered homeless in England in 2017 (couch surfing or accommodated in emergency or temporary accommodation) (Shelter, 2019)


Number of people sleeping rough on any given night (Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, 2018)

The effects of the 2008 recession are still felt, and there is a lack of affordable housing, particularly in the South East. Immigrants are particularly vulnerable to homelessness because of their lack of networks, language skills, and knowledge of the benefit system (Guardian, 2014).

The lack of affordable housing in England is due in part to construction not keeping pace with demand since the 1980s, especially in London. Another major reason for homelessness in England is landlords or letting agencies ending shorthold tenancies (EOH, 2018; Big Issue, 2018).