The Danish National Team is selected and trained by OMBOLD, which was established in 2003. They provide football sessions, organise a variety of tournaments, and run coaches training programmes.

OMBOLD have drop-in sessions in nine cities across Denmark, which means approximately 110 players attend the sessions each week. In each city, OMBOLD work closely with the local community, local shelters, drug treatments centres, and other services. In some locations, the benefits of OMBOLD’s activities have been recognised by the local communities.

Organisation Details






Socially disadvantaged and vulnerable men and women


Aalborg, Aarhus, Amager, Esbjerg, Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Næstved, Randers, Vordinborg

Homelessness Facts

It is generally believed that Denmark’s homelessness strategy is relatively successful. (UMD, 2012). However, there are an increasing number of homeless migrants, with limited knowledge of the Scandinavian welfare system.

Some see Denmark moving closer to criminalising homelessness; in March 2017 it became illegal to stay in so-called ‘intimidating camps’. People found guilty can be fined 500 DKK (60 GBP) (FEANTSA, 2018).