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Team Czech Republic is coordinated by SANANIM, the largest non-governmental organisation in the Czech Republic specialising in prevention and treatment of substance abuse. Through the sports programme “Zvítězit může každý” (Everyone Can Win) they aim to reach vulnerable groups of people by organising football sessions and other activities.

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People have experienced housing exclusion in the Czech Republic

It’s estimated, as of 2017, that there are almost 119,000 people at risk of housing loss in the Czech Republic. The estimates for people actually living without a home is 68,500 – 74.4% are male, 23.6% are female (FEANTSA).

Of this figure, 11.9% are under 18 and 10.3% over 65. FEANTSA conclude that a total of 187,500 people have experienced housing exclusion in the Czech Republic.

The FEANTSA study also found that “approximately 37% of Czech children live in households that suffer from some housing problems (insufficient heating, humidity and leakage, lack of space, noise, dirt and vandalism in the child’s surroundings). The quality of housing is significantly related to children (7- 12 years old) experiencing severe problems in school, along with health and communication problems.”