Futbol Calle

Futbol Calle (Street Football), an initiative started by football marketing agency Acción Total, is a network of street football projects that creates opportunities to deliver psycho-social development to men and women across Chile through sport. Based on a participatory and inclusive approach for vulnerable participants, it uses football as a platform for personal development.

Training sessions run twice a week in each location, led by a multidisciplinary team of teachers, social workers, and psychologists who not only coach, but also provide guidance and support for personal development. They aim for a positive impact on the quality of life of the participants.

Their programme is backed by former Chilean football star, Ivan Zamorano.

Organisation Details


Socially disadvantaged and marginalised men and women


200 locations across Chile

Homelessness Statistics

People are homeless in Chile
People are homeless in Saniago

Chile has very high levels of income inequality, and barely 20% of citizens have incomes equal to those found in developed countries (COHA, 2011). Violence against women is a prevalent problem that forces many women to leave their homes (Santiago Times, 2013).