Street Soccer Canada

Street Soccer Canada began as an initiative by housing advocate Paul Gregory to put together a team for the Homeless World Cup in 2004. It is now a thriving network of more than 20 soccer programs in a dozen cities across the country. In addition to running local programmes, they also organise and participate in national and international tournaments.

Street Soccer Canada has been supported by Kara Lang, Canadian soccer star and promoter of women’s football. She worked as technical director and coach for Street Soccer Canada between 2011 and 2013.

Organisation Details


Marginalised men and women living in shelters or on the street.


Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton, Ottawa, Mississauga, Thunder Bay, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Comox Valley, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax

Homelessness Statistics


Number of Canadians that experience homelessness every year (Homeless Hub, 2016).


Number of homeless people in Canada on any given night (Homeless Hub, 2016)

Indigenous population in shelters (Indigenous people make up 4.3% of Canada's population)

A withdrawal of the federal government’s investment in affordable housing, declining wages, reduced benefit levels, and a shrinking supply of affordable housing placed more and more Canadians at risk of homelessness.

Recent developments show a more positive outlook, including promising result from the Housing First model and government investment in housing and homelessness (Homeless Hub, 2016).