Happy Football Cambodia Australia

HFCA funds a football programme in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. Their four partner organisations in Cambodia work with young people who come from families who are living in extreme poverty, children who have been orphaned, lived on dumps or rescued from brothels or other forms of slavery. HFCA’s weekly training sessions and competitions are attended by male and female players aged 12 to 25. Most of their coaching staff are former Homeless World Cup players.

Organisation Details


Socially disadvantaged children and young people


Phnom Penh, with partners working all over Cambodia

Homelessness Statistics

People live in informal settlements in Phnom Penh
Street children run the risk of becoming victims of human trafficking

Over one third of the population of Cambodia lives below the poverty line. Decades of war and internal conflicts have left many economic and social problems, including large slums populations and squatter areas for migrants from rural areas (Rural Poverty).