Futebol Social – Organização Civil de Ação Social

Futebol Social – Organização Civil de Ação Social (Social Footbal – Civil Organisation for Social Action) provide sports and social training for players at a regional level, and organise tournaments across Brazil. Participants are encouraged to find permanent employment to help them out of poverty.

In addition to football training, participants are expected to take part in other activities to aid their integration into society, such as workshops on education, relationships, and social awareness.

Team Brazil is backed by Romário, one of the greatest football legends in Brazil, who has expressed his support on many occasions.


Youth living in precarious housing conditions, homeless, or socially disadvantaged


16 cities across Brazil

Homelessness Statistics

People living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro
People living in the streets of São Paulo

Estimates of street children in Brazil have ranged from 7 to 30 million (UN Habitat, 2000).

There is a lack of social services and deterioration of the labour market. Street crime and substance abuse further contribute to homelessness (Brasil EscolaWSJ, 2015). Many parts of the favelas are controlled by drug cartels, and many young people end up on the streets due to lack of opportunities.