Hecho Club Social

Team Argentina is organised by Hecho Club Social, the street football subsidiary of Buenos Aires street paper Hecho.

HCS offers socially marginalised people the opportunity to practice sports and be part of a group three times a week, in an environment where diversity is encouraged and everyone is accepted. Their goals are for players to increase self-esteem, develop a sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and recover a positive outlook in life.


Socially marginalised adult men and women, children, and young people


Buenos Aires

Homelessness Statistics


The number of Argentinians living in poverty, according to National Institute of Statistics and Census (World Bank, 2019).

Of urban houses lack a sanitary sewer system (UN Habitat, 2016)


Conservative estimate of homeless people in Buenos Aries (AP News, 2019).

The National Institute of Statistics and Census of Argentina state that over 14 million Argentinians are living in poverty in the second half of 2018, up 4.7% from the first half. A contributing factor to this increase is the inflation rate, which reached 47% in 2018.

Urban poverty in Argentina remains 50% higher than other high-income countries (World Bank, 2019).