Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with the Homeless World Cup not only aligns your brand with a unique, pioneering social movement but also provides a unique route for engagement on a global scale.

All of our partner and sponsor relationships are unique and are based on a clear understanding of companies marketing strategy. Bespoke packages are developed to ensure goals and objectives are fulfilled over our multitude of communication and marketing platforms.

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UEFA has been a partner of the Homeless World Cup since its founding, as both organisations share the same values of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and the will to promote them further.

In 2015, the Homeless World Cup added Respect Day to the busy tournament schedule to highlight those shared missions.

Mel Young, co-founder of the Homeless World Cup, explained: “Respect Day is one manifestation of our partnership with UEFA. It’s something we do together to show the wider society how you can overcome issues of intolerance and exclusion. It focuses attention on, and is a celebration of, the work that’s going on all year round. It shows how together we can create a better society.”