“My love of soccer has really changed my life”

Frederick Owusu Nti was Ghana’s goalkeeper at the Homeless World Cup in Poznan, Poland in 2013.

“My journey has been remarkable”

Born in Mpraeso, a town in the Eastern region of Ghana, Frederick started playing with his local club BS11, also known as AKICK, when he was 12.   

His parents let him stay in the club house. When he was there, he came across our partner GIMAT Volunteer Network who recognised his talent and invited him to move to the capital city. 

GIMAT’s programmes support people of all ages, offering support to those who are homeless, struggling with addiction, who have left school early or are unemployed.

Frederick explains Martin Anenamo, brother of current CEO Jacob Anenamo, “was using soccer and other activities to make positive change in people’s lives.”

“I was very excited to be one of the participants in Accra. Martin helped me get into skilled work in the visual arts and to start training as a football coach. After spending a year in the organisation’s hostel, he opened his home up to me and three other players.”  

“So, I joined Klang Martulis Soccer Academy to exhibit my talent and love for football.” 

“The thing that motivates all GIMAT participants is the opportunity of going to the Homeless World Cup and the chance to witness the positive changes of my friends who have returned from the tournament.” 

“I was fortunate enough to be part of the selected Homeless Ghana team to play in the Homeless World Cup in 2013 in Poznan”

Some of Frederick’s team mates at the HWC in Poznan in 2013

“Representing Ghana and having the national anthem played is the best feeling ever. We loved every moment.” 

“We became group leaders in the organisation, helping GIMAT a lot.”

In 2014, Frederick was sponsored by volunteer Sofia Catia to play in football trials in Europe. He was signed by a club in Germany, FC Internationale Berlin.

“It was a perfect place to start my professional football career. There’s so much love in the club and the club stands against racism. After playing for a few years, I decided to work as well. I began training as a chef. Now I am a professional chef too.”  

“I travel back home every year to support GIMAT Volunteer Network and give back to the community.”

He’s also been a regular at the Homeless World Cup since first going as a player in 2013, coming to the tournaments in Amsterdam and Glasgow.

“I have been attending the Homeless World Cup tournament since I came to stay in Germany because it’s always a great experience. I was at the Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam in 2015, where I went with my personal project with the title ‘Say No to Racism’.”

As part of his project, Frederick interviewed Homeless World Cup co-founder, Mel Young as well as his old friends who he met in Poland and new players taking part in the tournament.

Frederick Owusu Nti with Mel Young at the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow

“I’m looking forward to the next Homeless World Cup and hoping to see Ghana in action after six or seven years not taking part.”

He has also founded an organisation called Somubi Volunteer Network.  

“My goal is to change lives and be in partnership with GIMAT and others to make the world feel included.”   

“Life is good after a promising journey and my love of soccer has really changed my life.” 

 You can find out how to get involved with GIMAT Volunteer Network and Somubi Volunteer Network on their Facebook pages. 

GIMAT Volunteer Network: https://www.facebook.com/GIMAT-volunteer-network-439414756866420    

Somubi Volunteer Network: https://www.facebook.com/Somubi-Volunteer-Network-539199439578222