Erasmus+ – Norway Welcomes Delegates for Exchange

The most recent exchange for the Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project – funded by the European Union – took place in Moss, Norway. The beautiful coastal town welcomed delegates from Greece, Denmark, Northern Ireland and Norway for a two-day event that would focus on knowledge sharing on the topics of  Outreach and Engagement.

Staff of Frelsesarmeen (Salvation Army) – Homeless World Cup National Partner in Norway – in charge of running the street soccer programme Gatefotball, welcomed the visitors.

Greek delegate enjoys the view from the Salvation Army’s offices in Moss.

During the two-day exchange, delegates had the opportunity to explore different methods of  reaching out to new participants for their football programmes and discuss some of the different challenges with engaging participants.

Day One

Delegates discussed the topic of Outreach and Engagement and the challenges that come with it before travelling to Tønsberg to meet participants of Gatefotball. This allowed them to have a Q&A session and discuss outreach and engagement practices with those who have benefited from participating in a street football programme, thus offering delegates a unique insight on to the topic.

To open the exchange, each delegate presented the work, strengths and opportunities of their football programmes to the group, followed by questions and discussion.

After the introductions, delegates split into groups to discuss the topic further.

Following the group discussions, each team then presented their findings to the entire group, before travelling to Tønsberg to meet with participants of Gatefotball.

Day Two

Day two saw delegates exploring different ways to overcome the challenges outlined the day before and presenting such solutions to the rest of the group.

By gathering these solutions, delegates could outline the many ways in which programmes can improve their outreach and engagement practices. Their proposals will be collated in a handbook that will be shared with the entire Homeless World Cup National Partner Network as a reference tool.

Through the Erasmus+ exchanges, delegates will be exploring various topics and outlining good practices. The Homeless World Cup Foundation will be able to share these good practices with all its National Partners, thus strengthening the network and helping football programmes improve their quality.

The next Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Programme event will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria from May 25-29, where twelve European teams will compete in the second European Street Football Festival.