Meet the Mascots

In the spirit of the 50th anniversary of the Mexico 1968 Summer Olympic Games, the Mexico 2018 Homeless World Cup is delighted to present our brand-new mascots.

Each representing a different continent, these charming mascots will bring together players from all around the world as well as fans of all ages.


Native to Mexico and Latin America, the Jaguar has always featured in pre-Hispanic culture. Olmecs, Tehotihuacan and Mayan cultures all regarded the Jaguar as a symbol of pride, power and might.

The Aztecs regarded the jaguar as the bravest of beasts, and the proud ‘ruler of the animal world.’ It comes as no surprise then, that the jaguar would be representing the host nation at this year’s Homeless World Cup.


Fast and nimble, this little lizard is sure to bring some amazing game and sneak through the opposition.

Representing the African nations, Luga is sure to be an absolute crowd-pleaser with some awesome tricks up his sleeve.

During his free time, Luga can be found relaxing in the sun or challenging teams into a dance competition.

Some people claim that he is so fast he can run on water!


Representing the Americas, Sasí brings flexibility and adaptability to her game. Her abilities to learn and adapt make her a worthy, often unpredictable player. Her determination also makes her one of the most technical players, as she is always training to perfect her game.

When she is not training or enjoying some nourishing grubs, Sasí can be found singing next to the pitch.

She hopes she’ll be able to fly through the competition.


Bon Li enjoys the event at its fullest, and is determined to make friends with teams, volunteers and fans alike. But don’t let her gentle manners off the pitch fool you, she is an agile and accomplished player, and is sure to hop rings around the opposition.

Representing Asia, Bon Li is a blast of energy and can be found running around on site, taking small breaks only to re-fuel on her favoruite snack, carrots.


Representing Europe, Lupo is a natural team player who believes the entire team should call the shots but can easily become the leader of the pack if required.

Speed and dexterity are both attributes of the wolf, but its real success lies in its social cooperation and its ability to make friends with members of other packs.

Lupo has been spotted with his pack howling support for other teams.


Sharks are often misunderstood creatures and Jans is no exception. Representing Oceania, Jans’ most defining qualities are strength and determination, but this is not to say that he doesn’t have a softer side.

Even though this year’s tournament sees no teams from Oceania, this gentle giant has travelled all the way to support the rest of the teams and can be found at the stands cheering for the players.

Go and talk to him, we promise he won’t bite!

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