Partnership Criteria

The following minimum conditions must be met by local partner organisations in order to be considered eligible to enter into a Full Partnership with HWCF.

Any partner with Provisional status (see Process below) will be expected to meet these criteria in order to move into Full Partnership.

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At a practical level

The Street Football Partner must be currently delivering a football-for-development programme, which must:

  • be delivered regularly (at least weekly)
  • be delivered year-round (12 months/year)
  • actively engage participants (over 16 years old) who are experiencing homelessness or who are otherwise economically or socially excluded
  • operate a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory programme that actively encourages participants regardless of age, sex, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation.
  • be working towards delivering the programme on a national level, in multiple locations of the country
  • provide a safe environment, ensuring participants are protected from harm, including all forms of exploitation, abuse and harassment.
  • deliver or provide access to appropriate complementary social, health, educational and/or vocational services.

At an organisational level

The Street Football Partner must:

  • be registered in the country of delivery
  • be responsible for the financial sustainability and good governance of the football-for-development programme
  • have a national presence, including online visibility to demonstrate their work
  • collaborate with other local partners and service providers to maximise impact and support for players
  • work towards positive media coverage that contributes to attitudinal and policy changes on homelessness
  • be open to collaborating with HWCF activities and its international partners whenever possible, including online or at events, tournaments, partner visits etc.
  • align with the principles and values of the HWCF (see Charter document on Values)
  • Recognise HWCF visibly on partner’s website and other promotional materials/events

Issues to Note

Whilst HWCF seek to provide as much opportunity as possible, being a partner does not guarantee attendance at the annual Homeless World Cup. Each partner is invited to apply every year and must finance their own travel costs to the event and provide team kit. Once at the tournament, accommodation and specific subsistence costs are covered by the event organisers.

New partners, if their application is successful, will be granted a ‘Provisional Partner’ status for 12 months. This will allow both the partner and the HWCF to build communication and better understand one another’s needs and ways of operating. At 12 months, this will be reviewed through additional documentation and discussions in order to be considered for ‘Full Partner’ status. If successful, a 3-year renewable partner agreement will be signed, detailing responsibilities for each party.

Under normal circumstances, only Full partners will be invited to apply to the Homeless World Cup.

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