How to Become a Street Football Partner

Before you apply to become a Street Football Partner, please check if a Partner already exists for your country on our NETWORK PAGE.

If so, please contact them to discuss potential ways to collaborate. If not, please see the procedure below.

Learn more about the SELECTION CRITERIA and our CHARTER OF VALUES.

Steps to Join our Network

1. Complete the New Partnership Application Form AVAILABLE HERE

2. HWCF will schedule a call with your organisation representative for follow-up questions and discussion.

3. Provide as much of the following as possible (if not submitted with the Application Form):

  • Annual reports
  • Details of the structure of the organisation
  • Evidence of established programme e.g. an office base, evidence organisation has a bank account, details of management board, and schedule of regular programmes and activities.
  • References from two local bodies, e.g. Red Cross, Caritas, etc.
  • Details of further development opportunities. i.e. opportunities for players to move on to education, training or jobs/income generation

4. Applicant is then connected with an existing HWCF partner in their region in order to offer the applicant a deeper understanding of what the partnership will entail.

5. Committee meeting at HWCF to reach final decision.

6. A Provisional Partner Agreement is signed between HWCF and the partner, valid for 12 months.

7. During the initial 12-month period, further data is gathered (including HWCF annual survey of partners). Interaction is also strengthened in order to feed into a decision to move into Full Partner status.

8. Following the 12-month provisional period, the partnership is reviewed, following the same procedures as outlined below in the ‘Ongoing Existing Partnerships’. If HWCF is satisfied that the partner is able to commit to the responsibilities required of a Full Partnership, then a new Full Agreement may be signed.

Ongoing Existing Partnerships

1- The 3-year Full Partner Agreement is reviewed approximately 3 months prior to expiring.

2- Homeless World Cupo Foundation analyses the relationship based on several criteria including the strength of the national programme, the progression throughout the three years, the communication with HWCF and other partners and the participation in the annual tournament (if attended).

3- If Homeless World Cup Foundation is satisfied that the partner continues to fulfil its responsibilities as stated in the Full Partner Agreement, a new agreement will be issued and signed for a further 3 years.

Partnership Termination

Either party (HWCF or local partner) reserves the right to terminate the partnership at any point if:

  • One party considers the other party to be no longer fulfilling its responsibilities as stated in the Full Partner Agreement.
  • One party has behaved in such a way as to put the credibility or work of the other party at risk.

Further details of the process to mutually seek an outcome are detailed in the Full Partner Agreement.

Depending on the severity of the breach, this may include a plan of action to address the loss of confidence or the procedure for a direct termination.

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