Why Join Our Network

There are numerous benefits of joining the Homeless World Cup Network; from attending Homeless World Cup events to sharing skills and good practice with other organisations.

You can find out if your organisation is eligible to join the Homeless World Cup Network and the steps to become one of our Street Football Partners HERE.


  1. Exclusive national representation (1 partner per country) in an International Network. Official brand recognition, including the ability to use the Homeless World Cup logo on organisational documents and local/national media channels to increase credibility for country support.
  2. Opportunity to apply to the annual Homeless World Cup tournament with a men’s/mixed team and/or women’s team.
  3. Invitation to attend regional meetings, tournaments and activities such as coaching and referee courses, gender integration training, study visits etc. as available.
  4. Access to the Partners’ Network internal site, with shared resources, newsletters, events calendar, and contact details of like-minded socially impactful football programmes from our partners in 70+ countries.
  5. Receive capacity building support to help organisational strengthening, for example a fundraising pack, basic introduction to developing social media, tips on accounting etc.
  6. Opportunity to share your own success stories, via our Newsletter, website and social media. This gives a voice to your national players on an international level and can help raise awareness on social issues relevant to your country.
  7. Opportunity to learn best practices from other partners – eg. through organisational exchanges and/or network webinars, in order to help grow your national programme.
  8. Recognition that data from your programme is collected and included within global statistics on how football is changing lives for homeless and marginalised people around the world.


  1. Immense pride and reclaimed dignity for players representing their country; post tournament feedback consistently shows that HWC positively impacted the lives of over 90% of players – with the event often being a catalyst for life-changing decisions.
  2. Potential national and international recognition for partner organisation in representing their country at the HWC and being involved in a wider call for action to end global homelessness.
  3. Tournament associated costs of accommodation and specific subsistence costs will be covered for a full team of 8 players + 2 staff for the duration of the event.
  4. Opportunity for team coaches and managers to participate in training and workshops on football and development related topics, alongside other network partners.
  5. Opportunity for teams to interact with others from around the world, gain a more global perspective on homelessness and benefit from peer support to overcome life challenges.
  6. Recognition within the Network when teams win Cups and Awards at the tournament, including Fair Play, Best New Team, Best Player etc.
  7. Teams will be integral to the extensive media coverage that HWCF shares on international social media channels to spotlight the issue of homelessness and challenge public attitudes.
  8. Increased possibility of national media and public attention for the partner organisation, due to the team’s participation in the global event; use of HWCF professional photographs, videos and individual case studies where produced.

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