Join Us for the Tournament Draw on Sunday, August 2

Next on the agenda for the Dutch National Partner, the Life Goals Foundation, is the hosting of the draw for the 13th Homeless World Cup, which will take place on Sunday, August 2 in the Amsterdam ArenA. On the home grounds of Ajax, Homeless World Cup President Mel Young will be assisted in the draw by various honoured guests, including Eric van den Burg, Councillor for Health and Welfare and Sport at the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Ahead of the event, the Dutch national teams will make their entrance during an official team presentation.

The 2015 rankings will be used to seed pots for the tournament draw for the first round of group play at the Homeless World Cup tournament.

Men’s Homeless World Cup Draw

  • Six seeding pots are formed based on the Homeless World Cup rankings.
  • The top eight seeded teams will be placed in to Pot 1, the next eight (ranked 9-16) into Pot 2, and so forth.
  • Pot 8 will be emptied first, with one country drawn at a time and placed in each group. Then all countries in Pot 7 will be drawn, followed by Pot 6, and so on, until each group has a total of six teams – one from each pot.
  • The first stage will consist of eight groups of six teams each, with all groups containing one of the top eight teams.

Women’s Homeless World Cup Draw

  • Two seeding pots are formed based on the Homeless World Cup rankings.
  • The eight top teams form Pot 1 and the remaining eight form Pot 2.
  • Four teams from Pot 1 and four teams from Pot 2 will be drawn to form each group, for a total of eight teams per group in the first stage of play.

Following the draw, the Dutch players and all invited guests will take a seat in the stands to watch the Johan Cruyff Shield game. During the match, between KNVB Cup winner FC Groningen and League champion PSV Eindhoven, there will be a special announcement for the 2015 Homeless World Cup.

The 13th Homeless World Cup draw will be covered live on social media on Sunday, August 2, at 16:00 GMT. Mark your calendars and follow the action on Twitter.