Team Hong Kong 2016 Inspired by Football

Despite early losses in the first round, Team Hong Kong refused to give up, earning key wins in the second round for a place in the Men’s Shield competition. Determined on and off the pitch, the squad finished 32nd overall.

“Through football and football training I have started to get back to being my normal self again. And I hope to continue to be a better man,” said team captain Chan Ho Nam.

“When I play football I think happy things, and with good team spirit people can come together to achieve success. Playing for Hong Kong means I can forget about my previous bad days, and I will try and do more volunteer service to try and help homeless people in the future.”

Team Hong Kong 2016 (Men’s)

Name Role
Chan Pui Shan (Lillian) Manager
Leung Kwok Fu Coach
Yau Chee Hoo Player
Cheung Choi Chiu
Chan Ho Nam Player
Cheung Kong Pui Player
Cheung Chun Hung Player
Lee Ming Chiu Player
Chan Tin Yan Player
Chan Cho Him Player

The national homeless team of Hong Kong was established in 2005 by a group of social workers, soccer coaches, and social entrepreneurs from Society of Community Organization & Wofoo Social Enterprises of Hong Kong. The two organisations run football training and coaching sessions, the annual selection tournament, the Hong Kong Street Soccer League, and regular fundraising events for the homeless team which represents Hong Kong in the Homeless World Cup.