Homeless World Cup Joins Mexico 1968 Celebrations

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, commonly known as Mexico 68. To celebrate the five decades since the event, every major sports, arts and cultural event that will take place in Mexico City during 2018 will recognise the anniversary.

The aim of this initiative is not only to celebrate Mexico being the first Latin American country to organise an Olympic event, but to inspire a new generation across the country and the globe to engage in sport and cultural activities.

The Mexico 2018 Homeless World Cup will be among 80 other events across the Mexican capital recognising this celebration. The events will range from sporting competitions, concerts, art exhibitions, folkloric dance performances, and film screenings; as well as discussion pannels exploring topics such as sport ethics, sports science and medicine.

The iconic Mexico 68 brand, which became a model to aspire to for designers worldwide for its original and highly trendy design, has been reignited for this year’s celebrations, helping different generations to connect through its powerful visual identity. The iconic design has also been incorporated in the Mexico 2018 Homeless World Cup logo to show our support for this celebration and the promotion of sports for peace and inclusion.

The Mexico 2018 Homeless World Cup will run from November 13-18, in Mexico City’s Zocalo and is expected to welcome 200,000 spectators and millions more watching the event online. The event will be organised by Homeless World Cup Foundation in coordination with Fundacion Telmex.