Four Nations Challenge Cup – Day 2

On Sunday at the Four Nations Challenge Cup we enter the knock-out stages of our competition with semi-finals and finals.

The semi-finals kick off at midday, starting with the women’s games, followed by the men’s tournament. In the women’s competition, Northern Ireland will take on Scotland and England will come up against Wales. In the men’s, England will take on Scotland and Northern Ireland will challenge Wales.

After a day of games yesterday, teams will be warmed up and ready to go.

There is also an exhibition match between a team of MSPs and band, the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers.

MSPs include Neil Gray, Dan Johnson, Gilliam Mackay, Paul McLennan and Anas Sarwar. The Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers are Val McDermid, Mark Billingham, Chris Brookmyre, Stuart Neville, Luca Veste and Dan Johnstone. The group will be performing after the awards ceremony.

All results of the games are below.