Finland Hosts Second Get-Together

The second Get-together of the Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project took place this week in the beautiful town of Lohja, Finland. Delegates from countries across Europe attended the three-day event which allowed them to plan the events for the upcoming year.

The three-day event aimed at facilitating discussions and knowledge-sharing workshops. Through the course of the event, delegates also set the agenda for the upcoming Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ events in 2017, which include three exchanges and a European Street Football Festival.

Day one of the event saw twenty-two delegates arriving at the Kisakallio Sports Complex in Lohja. After a little rest from their long journeys, they had a chance to share dinner and prepare for the next day.

Day two saw a series of workshops that explored the topics relevant to improving the quality of the football programmes across Europe. Through these workshops, delegates explored which topics would be relevant for their football programmes in order to set the agenda for the upcoming Erasmus+ events.

After a long day of discussions and workshops, delegates were treated to their own snow-shoeing adventure around the complex.

During the third and final day of the get-together, attending delegates were grouped to discuss the challenges faced by their organisations and try to come up with solutions through experience and knowledge-sharing.

After the get-together, attendees got a lift back to the Finnish capital and enjoy the final hours sight-seeing.

This marked the second of three get-togethers for the Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project. During 2017 the project will see three new exchanges and the second European Street Football Festival which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.