FIFPro Day 3: “We Remember Not to Give up in Life”

Team South Korea were presented with the third FIFPro Award of the 2018 Homeless World Cup.

Tournament organisers nominated Team South Korea for the award after they played hard right until the very end of their match despite being on the end of a heavy loss. The team kept positive throughout and supported each other.

Specific mention was made to Team South Korea’s number 5 Sunguk Park, who scored a goal in the last 20 seconds to make the final score 12–1. And the Croatian team is also credited for joining in the crowd’s cheers in support of the South Korean goal.

The award, which recognises players who showed great sportsmanship or outstanding behaviour at the tournament, was presented to the team by ex Club América and Mexican national side player Aarón Padilla.

In response to the award, manager Kim Younkyu said: “We are all honoured to be here and to have received the FIFPro award. The team have learned not to give up. Even though the team have lost all their games, we remember not to give up in life. Some day they will all win in real life.”

Meanwhile, coach Song Minho said: “Even though we have lost all our games, we are very happy to have been given this award. We were surprised by the award. It’s an honour—especially to have received the prize by a former Mexico player.”

Words: Craig Williams
Images: Daniel Lipinski