FIFPro Award Day 1: “We Play Football To Become Better People”

The Greece women’s team have deservedly been awarded the first FIFPro Award of the Homeless World Cup 2018 event in Mexico City.

The team bravely mastered the opening match of the women’s competition against Mexico, and although they took a defeat, this team demonstrated resilience, camaraderie and sportsmanship by never giving up. With that, they exhibited the true spirit of the Homeless World Cup!

In response to the award, manager Christos Alefantis said: “It feels fantastic and, actually, this is the target that we set for ourselves every year when we come here for the Homeless World Cup: we want to get the fair play award.

“Our project’s main motto is that we play football to become better people and not necessarily better footballers, and I have realised that if you become a better person you also become a better footballer along the way.

“We are deliriously happy to win this most important prize. Honestly, for us every year before we set off to the tournament we say we go there to win the fair play prize. This is our ultimate goal!”

Ageliki Boutri, Team Captain of the Greek team also shared her excitement and happiness, exclaiming that “this award is something that the whole team is winning together. People have embraced us being us. It is a surprise, but we wanted it so much.”


Words: Deborah May
Images: Anita Milas