The Homeless World Cup’s newest ambassador and international football freestyler Dan Magness takes on yet another mammoth challenge, juggling the ball one million times in just 10 days!

After learning about some of the amazing work being delivered around the world to help issues around homelessness despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Dan Magness took it upon himself to try and raise awareness for this cause in a unique way.

Dan is an athlete who is not shy of a daunting task, having juggled the ball without dropping it for 24 hours and another time for 26 hours as challenges for different organisations. And exactly 10 years ago he juggled the ball across London, visiting five different football stadiums in his mammoth 36-mile journey.

‘This time I wanted to do something that will not only push my stamina and abilities, but also to show some support for a very worthy cause which doesn’t often get a lot of attention’ Magness explains.

Dan will kick off his challenge at 8am on Tuesday 1 September with a live stream that anyone can check in on too through his Instagram channel @danmagness.

It is expected that Dan will need to juggle the ball for at least 12 hours every single day for days consecutively to achieve the target.


For further information, please contact:

Mariana Mercado

Communications Manager

+44 (0) 7469 149 170

About Homeless World Cup

Founded in 2003 by Mel Young and the late Harald Schmied, the annual event delivers an inspirational week-long street football tournament that brings together more than 500 players from over 50 countries around the world, all of whom have faced homelessness and social marginalisation. Over 1.2 million homeless people have worked with street football organisations in more than 70 countries, over the last eighteen years, using football to change their lives.

About Dan Magness

Dan Magness is a UK TV presenter who started out as a football freestyler, performing phenomenal football tricks at events across the world.

Learning his tricks growing up in Guildford UK, Dan refined them and put together an amazing, unrivalled football freestyle display that kept him at the top of the freestyle tree where he remains to this day. He has performed half time shows for many Premiership football clubs and has appeared in TV commercials worldwide alongside some of the world’s biggest names in world football