More than Winning for Team Costa Rica 2016

Costa Rica started strongly in the first round, winning four of their five opening matches. The team had mixed results in the second round and with two wins, found themselves competing for the Men’s Plate on day six. The squad finished the week in 11th place, one of their top finishes since they began competing in 2009.

The tournament is about much more than winning though for the Central American nation. “The players have changed their attitudes, their behaviour and their way of looking at things thanks to the preparation we have put in place for the tournament,” explained manager José Monge. “They have been able to achieve big changes, like return to their families. Some of them have even gotten married and had kids. Incredible things.”

“The most important thing isn’t the winning, it’s that my players change their mind-set.”

Team Costa Rica 2016 (Men’s)

No. Name Role
José Luis Monge Manager
Nelson Porras Coach
7 Luis Chavarría Player
2 Harold Ortiz Player
8 Luis Diego Campos Player
4 Jonathan Mesen Player
10 Justin Rojas Player
13 Fabián Álvarez Player
1 José Armando Torres Player
5 José Chacón Player


Team Costa Rica is run by Asociación Escuchando Gente Sin Hogar, a non-profit organisatio established in 2008. It helps change lives of people recovering from substance abuse, homeless people, including immigrants, and street paper vendors, through football.

Photography by Anita Milas, Alex Walker, Jeff Holmes, and Romain Kedochim.