Cardiff 2019 News

The 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup will take place in Cardiff’s iconic Bute Park, right at the heart of the Welsh capital, from July 27 – August 3.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news about the 2019 Homeless World Cup in Cardiff. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes elements of the tournament as we prepare for the 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup.

“I don’t want to miss this chance, you know?”

There are many ways and places you meet new people at the Homeless World Cup: on the training pitch, in the food hall, walking to or from the accommodation or venue, or even, it seems, while doing laundry. It was through a conversation about where to source some elusive washing powder as well as how […]

From prison to pavement and beyond

With the announcement some hours before that the 2020 Homeless World Cup would take place in Tampere, Finland, it was appropriate that a major focus of the final day’s debate in the Bevan Tent centred on Finland’s Housing First programme as a tool to reduce long-term homelessness. Introduced my Michael Sheen, and chaired by BBC […]

Day eight at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

This week over five hundred players from almost fifty countries arrived in Wales to represent their countries in a festival of football created to harness the power of sport in transforming the lives of people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion. The week-long event in Cardiff’s Bute Park was attended by tens of thousands of spectators, […]

Tampere, Finland to host the 2020 Homeless World Cup

Tampere, Finland will play host to the 18th edition of the Homeless World Cup, which will take place in late June 2020. More than 500 players will travel to Finland’s second largest city to play in the week-long football festival that harnesses the power of sport to transform the lives of people experiencing homelessness and […]

Unlocking the stories that can tackle poverty and homelessness

Sport has the ability to change perceptions, and promote compassion and activism, but what role can and does literature and telling stories play in advocating change? The best stories are the ones that challenge you, that encourage you to re-consider yourself, whether it be the way in which you acknowledge a person experiencing homelessness, the […]

“Football was the turning point”

Mexico City, Poznań, Santiago, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Oslo, and now Cardiff: street soccer goalkeeper turned coach Marius Pazemechas from Lithuania is fast becoming a Homeless World Cup veteran. Standing before me with his big-hearted smile he shares a bit more about his pre-Homeless World Cup experience. “I hadn’t been sober for 15 years. It started like […]

“It felt like everyone came from the same country that day”

“Football has been part of my life since forever. I grew up in a part of the city where we played football every day. We didn’t have the means to play video games and things like that, so only football was possible. I would play, go home to eat, and then I would get out […]

“It just gets you right in the heart”

They watched Cristiano Ronaldo score in the Champions League final in Cardiff, but volunteers Steve White and David Swarts insist their experiences of the Homeless World Cup top it all. White said: “There’s no comparison. It might sound strange to say, but the Homeless World Cup is head and shoulders above the Champions League. The […]

“We try to keep our minds calm”: FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 7

The 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup has not only been host to a week of exceptional street soccer but also countless acts of kindness and camaraderie between players from over 50 countries. Day 7 and the competition’s final FIFPRO Fair Play Award goes to team Russia. Coach Alexey Senchuk explains why they won […]

The girl with the dragon tattoo

The Welsh dragon is a near ubiquitous sight around the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff. It’s on t-shirts, on billboards, it’s painted on kids’ faces, and it’s on the flag that flies high from Cardiff Castle nearby, peeking through the trees of Bute Park. It’s now also on the thigh of Team Sweden player Marie […]

“I know I can say, with my hand on my heart, that I deserve this”

It’s entirely possible that of the 500-plus players here in Cardiff taking part in the Homeless World Cup, Team Norway’s Charlotte Fosse is one of the few who can call herself a grandmother. A mother of five children aged between 10 and 23, the 42-year-old works as a motivational speaker and fronts a rock band […]

“When I have a ball in front of me I forget about everything”

The largest football club in Europe in terms of number of active teams of all ages, Stockholm based side IF Brommapojkarna is famous for its youth academy and for having produced numerous top-quality Swedish players throughout the years. And not too long ago, they counted Matias Nicolas Daniel Arriola among their ranks. Arriola is here […]

Day seven at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

The 2019 Homeless World Cup reached its penultimate day on Friday as the tournament entered the knockout stages. Teams will now contend for six available trophies in the Men’s competition and two trophies in the Women’s competition based on where they finished in the latter stage of the tournament. On Friday afternoon the tournament reached […]

Small goals, little steps strike home

In 1979, Greek football turned professional. Twenty years later its superclub, Panathinaikos, was not only building on its reputation for success in European competition but moving back into its Athens home, refurbished to the tune of €7m. Also in 1999, a highly promising local player was lighting up the Panathinaikos youth team. Ioannis Tourlidas was […]

“Football always surprises me”

Ruth Boyle is a Derry Girl. In between the riots that blighted Northern Ireland during the troubles, she was always found with a ball at her feet. Now, 12 months on from her experience as a player, she’s back helping coach the Northern Ireland women’s team. She said: “A tournament like this teaches you so […]

Nine is the magic number for Jesper

Football has been Jesper’s passion as long as he can remember. He has had an eye on the ball since childhood, wearing jersey #9, which is also his lucky number. Jesper is thrilled to be part of the Danish Dynamite team in Cardiff—as player #9, of course! Around a year ago, life took a sudden […]

“I want to improve things for my daughter”

Leading Team Czech Republic at the Homeless World Cup here in Cardiff is 30-year-old Tomas Siska, who hails from the town of Zlate Hory on the border with Poland. His arm tattoo bears the name of his six-year-old daughter Eliska, who is watching on from home with her mum as her father captains his country […]

“It’s okay to struggle to be a good person”

It’s not only been a distant trek for Sujata and her colleagues from the Indian team to get to Cardiff, but a long road for her to achieve her dream to play football. Hailing from from a small village outside Darjeeling, in the far corner of India where West Bengal nestles between Bhutan and Nepal, […]

“We’re having a blast”: FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 6

Australia became the penultimate winners of the Day 6 FIFPRO Fair Play Award. Presented by FIFPRO’s Raymond Beaard, the daily award is issued to teams that showed outstanding sporting behaviour and/or embrace the spirit of the tournament. The Australian team was described as an “all round sound team” that was celebrated for its constant support […]

“I want to write my own future”

He was his village’s sole male survivor during the Srebrenica massacre and even gave evidence at the Hague. Now, Fahrudin Muminovic is hoping to write a whole new chapter in his incredible story as he represents Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 2019 Homeless World Cup in Cardiff. Muminovic was just seven years old when he […]

“I am HIV positive and I want to represent the HIV community”

“I am HIV positive and I want to represent the HIV community, the marginalised people in Indonesia and make sure everyone knows that they can play football too.” Isye is 40 years old. She wears a sports hijab, she plays football with and against men, and she has HIV. She has fought and overcome barrier […]

The scar through Gary Godfrey’s tattoo tells its own story

The scar through Gary Godfrey’s tattoo tells its own story. A panda inked across his hand of the Scotland skipper reveals a deeply personal meaning. He explained: “I’ve got a two-year-old daughter called Zara, but when she was four months she was admitted to hospital. We took her home after she was born, but she […]

“Everybody comes here with their own baggage and everybody has their own story”

One of the most impressive teams taking part at year’s Homeless World Cup has been the Romanian women’s side, which is making its first ever tournament appearance. And for player Mihaela Anton, the her and her teammates’ performance on the park is reflective of the close relationship they have developed with one another, despite not […]

“I don’t feel my life was empty any more”

In 10 days’ time Yeung Kong Hung, sporting the number nine jersey for Hong Kong, will celebrate his 36th birthday. It’s a date that, up until very recently, he couldn’t have imagined reaching. “I was a drug addict. I started taking drugs after my elder son, Siu Hei, passed away. He was four years old. “My […]

Day six at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

In the final day of matches before the knockout stages of the Homeless World Cup the action was really heating up across all three pitches in Cardiff. Men’s Competition: Today saw the end of Stage 2, with teams now placed to play for one of six trophies during the next and final stage. In an […]

“I’ll never stop playing football”

Like the vast majority of players who are taking part at this year’s Homeless World Cup in Cardiff, Team Switzerland’s Arben Curri has gone through his own experience of homelessness. “I was unemployed for a long time, at least for me it was. Maybe half a year I worked and then again I was unemployed […]

“I will leave here with many emotional memories”

While you will find the majority of Team Finland tucked up in bed catching up on their sleep and recovery in the morning time in Cardiff, that can’t be said for goalkeeper Marko Salmi. He’ll be found at the crack of dawn in the kitchen, cleaning up, and preparing the morning coffee for the players […]

Building inclusive street football programmes

Putting ourselves in the shoes of a 12-year-old girl who can’t get to the sport field because it’s in a different ‘dodgy’ neighbourhood, or a 10-year-old who can’t join the sport club cause she has to work to contribute to the bills, or a young man who doesn’t want to play football but wants to […]

“Football, for some reason, just cuts through every barrier”

Nick Gates was once more accustomed to the English Premier League than street football, but he’s now helping change lives across the globe. The Englishman set up Coaches Across Continents in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. Now in 60 countries worldwide, with another 50 on their waiting list, the company works with local programs […]

“If you never try you will never know”: FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 5

Only yesterday the Chilean women’s team bagged the fair players award, but the nation’s team cheer and compassion has continued and not gone unrecognised with the Chilean men’s team following suit and winning the Day 5 FIFPRO Fair Play Award. It was a well-fought match yesterday between Team Bulgaria and Chile, with the latter team […]

“To play with the Italy shirt on, I was like ‘wow’”

At the picnic area next to the pitches in Bute Park, some of the players from Team Italy are hugging, hi-fiving, and congratulating goalkeeper Ruggero Beretta. Beretta is a player who, thanks to his wonderul baffo (moustache), has become something of a popular figure among the participants at the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff. The […]

Day five at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

Day five at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019   Men’s Competition: Stage 2 in the Men’s Competition continued today with some cracking matches. Groups A to D saw Mexico, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, and Russia, topping their group respectively. Host team Wales are currently on third place in Group C with three points, putting […]

“I might be in a bad place now, but I won’t be in a bad place forever”

Visitors to the event at Bute Park won’t have missed the big purple bus at the entrance with purple be-vested volunteers handing out information about The Wallich, one of Wales’ leading homeless charities. Helping deliver a chat, a cup of tea or a sandwich is a very recent recruit to the team, 27-year-old Jordan who […]

“I’m representing all Brazilians”

Brazil might be known for its famous beaches, carnivals, and Bossa Nova music, but it’s the football played by those who pull on the iconic yellow jersey and blue shorts that has been the country’s biggest export on a cultural level. And for Team Brazi’s Kelvin Costa, doing so in the Welsh capital of Cardiff […]

Day four at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

Men’s Competition: Stage 2 in the men’s competition kicked off with some very competitive matches. Groups A to D are playing for a place in the top tier trophy. Topping their groups are, Mexico and Chile in Group A; Bosnia & Herzegovina and South Africa in Group B; Portugal and Egypt for Group C, and […]

From keepy-ups at traffic lights to starring for Chile in Cardiff

Picture the scene: On a main road in the coastal town of Quintero in Chile, the lights go red and the cars of locals on their travels from A to B stop at the traffic lights. From the pavement appears a teenage girl, ball in hand, who lets the ball drop and starts doing keepy-ups. […]

“The team deserves it”: FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 4

Known for being one of the most competitive teams at the Homeless World Cup, Team Chile’s Women’s side have shown that their desire to win doesn’t come at the expense of playing fair. And that was in evidence this afternoon as the team, coached by Julissa Barrera, took the stage to pick up the FIFPRO […]

Welcome, Côte d’Ivoire!

Welcome, Côte d’Ivoire! After a tricky visa process, a delayed DHL delivery, a missed flight, and a 15-hour journey, the Ivory Coast team arrived in Cardiff. Needless to say, the West African street soccer team’s journey hasn’t been without its hitches. But, having only arrived 24 hours ago and with only one game in, the […]

“You can’t switch off, erase what happened from your life”

“You can’t switch off, erase what happened from your life—it’s hard to be stigmatised.” — John Actie Stigma: a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance. Although football is at the heart of Homeless World Cup, the tournament always seeks to embrace the wider issues around homelessness, isolation, and stigmatisation. At the Bevan Tent […]

“Wearing the Poland top here has been the most beautiful thing in my life”

While Team Poland have shown a real ability to find the net during their matches here in Cardiff at the Homeless World Cup, their performances have also been marked by their fair play. And that was evidenced with the team receiving a FIFPRO Fair Play Award for their sportsmanship and camaraderie on the pitch while […]

“Nobody in the team knew each other before they came together here”

“The first time we put on the jersey it was so strange but a good feeling, like I’m doing something important. It’s so nice being part of the team. If you score the goal it’s not just you, it’s everyone. We are the family right now. And we are in the Cardiff City jersey—you never […]

“It’s not just the points that matter”: FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 3

The spirit of sportsmanship on display at this year’s Homeless World Cup in Cardiff by the teams competing against each other is one of the most obvious ‘takeaways’ for those watching on from the stands and via the live stream. And it’s these special acts of kindness, camaraderie and fair play that we celebrate every […]

Day three at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

Day three at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019  Men’s Competition Today saw the end of the Group Stage in the Men’s Competition, with the top three teams from each group moving on to playing for a place in the top three trophies during the Qualifying Stage. Similarly, the bottom three teams in each group […]

“It is not only the pure injury by itself but also the bigger picture”

The Homeless World Cup depends on a wealth of important partnerships from around the world. One such partnership which has become indispensable to the competition and its community of players is the physio room run by both physiotherapist students and teachers from Oslo Metropolitan University and University College Copenhagen. Between massaging sore thighs, taping up […]

“We want to kick on and bring it home”

From a young age, football is all Kristian Campbell has ever known. London-born Campbell has starred for the England team since arriving in Cardiff for this year’s Homeless World Cup. The England squad, supported by charity Centrepoint, comprises players who have shown ‘progress and proficiency in important life skills like teamwork, commitment, positivity, organisation, and […]

“When I arrived in Cardiff I became a totally different person”

As the youngest player on the Slovenia team, goalkeeper Alan Jurjevic is enjoying being able to compete for his country alongside players who are more than double his own age. The 22-year-old, who hails from Trbovlje in the south east of Slovenia, hopes that he will be able to have the same level of fitness […]

Meet the cake-baking, marathon-running South Korean supporters

With a distance of 9000km between Seoul and Cardiff, you perhaps wouldn’t expect a huge supporters’ bus worth of South Korean support in the Welsh capital this week. That thought in mind, a group of Korean students in Edinburgh have spent the past few months baking cakes, running marathons, and generally raising funds to come […]

Peace, football, and understanding

“Let’s welcome to the pitch Pakistan, playing in their very first Homeless World Cup.” Four very nervous young men in slightly oversize shirts scrambled onto the turf stage, cheered by an enthusiastic crowd waving flags of each nation, to face opponents Israel. That’s four very nervous junior players from Pakistan with one of the tournament […]

‘I like the lion because he is a survivor’

‘Football is a passion, it is love and emotion for me. Alongside God, it is the most important thing.’ Team Bulgaria’s Bozhidar Kostov gushes about his love affair with the game. ‘It started with watching TV for me. I love to watch football, women’s football too, and to play football.’ The now 16-year-old recalls the […]

Second time lucky for Costa Rica’s Luis

As the oldest player taking part for Team Costa Rica in Cardiff, Luis Fernando Rodriguez Villegas had to train hard and make many sacrifices to be part of this year’s tournament. The 41-year-old married father of two from San Jose has been part of his nation’s street soccer set up organised by Asociación Escuchando Gente […]

“I’ve played football to live out my dreams”

Mohamed Wahed remembers it clearly. On a training pitch in downtown Cairo, a finger was pointed at him. In an instant, the 17-year-old’s dreams became reality as he realised he had made the cut for Team Egypt at the 2019 Homeless World Cup. Relaxing in the players area, Wahed smiles: “I got the first call […]

Austrian coach brings Champions League experience to coaching role

This year’s Homeless World Cup in Cardiff has seen Austria bring a women’s team to compete for the first time. And as far as the team is concerned, it seems that in coach Emily Cancienne they have the best possible person to lead the team in their inaugural competition participation. That’s because the 27-year-old American […]

FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 2: An opportunity to see the ‘teamness’

At the Homeless World Cup, we look to make sure that acts of sportsmanship and fair play don’t go unrecognised. It may only be Day 3 of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff, but we have already witnessed countless acts of kindness and camaraderie. Today’s FIFPro Fair Play Award winners Northern Ireland have perfectly illustrated […]

“Without football it’s hard to think what I’d be doing with my life”

A very special South African guest attended Day 2 of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff. Referee Fezile Hlophe was on hand to present the inaugural FIFPRO Fair Play Award of 2019 to the Mexican team. A well known figure in his home country, Hlophe is the youngest professional referee in South Africa and youngest […]

“I feel that I stand again in society”

Anyone who has ventured into Bute Park over the last four days won’t have failed to notice the hirsute heroism of the Netherlands’ lofty goalkeeper. Meet 35-year-old Dennis Koopmans from Hardenwyk, who is taming his personal demons thanks to the round ball. “I was standing out of society and I need something to get back […]

“Football rewards you for all the effort you put in to it”

Among the Mexican men’s squad taking part in this year’s Homeless World Cup is 31-year-old Juan Jesus Rios, from Ciudad Juarez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Affectionately known as ‘Pinpon’, Rios found life growing up in one of Mexico’s most violent cities was one of great difficulty. He was living on the streets by […]

Day two at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

The matches: A few highlights Men’s In a host v holders face off at midday, Wales fought bravely against the always excellent Mexicans, drawing the second half in 6-2.  That strong finish to the game continued in their second game of the day as they prevailed against Australia 7 – 1. Michael Sheen took on […]

Day one at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

The Homeless World Cup has arrived in Wales and what a spectacle it is! The 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup has arrived in Wales. Almost 500 players from close to 50 nations have arrived in the Welsh capital to compete in a football tournament unlike any other. The week-long event began in Cardiff’s […]

Norway’s Icelandic goalkeeper on falling in love with football

She’s the Icelandic goalkeeper playing for Norway who was adamant she didn’t like football. Ten years after moving from Iceland, Rona Jarlsdottir is between the sticks for the Norwegian side at the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff and admits she’s fallen in love with the game. “I moved to Norway 10 years ago because my […]

Israeli captain’s hard-earned reward

When Yaniv Abebe’s cousin decided he wanted to help the Israeli captain, Abebe’s life completely changed. After struggling with addiction and being made homeless, getting into a rehabilitation programme in Jerusalem started the 35-year-old Abebe on a whole new journey. He explained: “I started drinking too much and that led to me falling out with […]

More than a game: The story of the Homeless World Cup

This afternoon saw the Bevan Tent within the Homeless World Cup complex packed to the rafters as the public turned out for a special discussion about the tournament and its ethos. Entitled ‘More than a game: The story of how the Homeless World Cup has helped a million people’, the discussion was chaired by BBC […]

A Birthday to Remember: FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 1

Mexican star Jibran Alejandro Santillan Padilla had a birthday to remember as the Mexican side became the first FIFPRO Fair Play Award recipients at the 2019 Homeless World Cup in Cardiff. The daily award, issued to teams who show outstanding sportsmanlike behaviour, was picked up by Mexico after Jibran stopped their opening day game to […]

Small nation, big ambition to end homelessness

As artist Katherine Holmes’ hauntingly beautiful portraits of people experiencing homelessness in Cardiff looked on from the walls of the Bevan Tent, activist and actor Michael Sheen took to the stage to chair the opening debate of the tournament. As very much the public face of this 17th Homeless World Cup, Sheen immediately underlined his […]

Making sports data available to all

In a tent tucked away in the corner of Pitch 1, Beth Gray sits with a number of tablets. Unlike the crowds gathering at Cardiff’s Bute Park, she’s neither taking selfies nor scrolling her social media feeds—she’s the main data analyst for the 2019 Homeless World Cup. Working for Player Data, a Scottish start-up business […]

From Cuzco to Cardiff

At this year’s Homeless World Cup there won’t be many teams that will have had to make a similar journey to that of the near 10,000 km from Cuzco to Cardiff like Peru have had to do. Among those playing for the Peru Women’s side this year is Mirian Miranda. At 20, she is the […]

‘I was humming the anthem quietly in my head’

Representing your team at the Homeless World Cup will be a life-long memory for the more than 500 players taking part for their respective nations at this year’s tournament in Cardiff. Yet for Rachel Davis, being part of the Welsh reserve squad meant that she made her bow in the competition against her adopted nation […]

Wales sings a song of welcome to the world at the Homeless World Cup

Wales welcomed the world today as over 500 players representing over 50 nations across the globe paraded through the streets of capital city Cardiff to announce the start of the 17th annual Homeless World Cup. Departing from the sporting symbol of the city, the Principality Stadium, the teams came together in a sea of colour, […]

The Homeless World Cup arrives in Wales

Almost 500 players from close to 50 nations have arrived in the Welsh capital to compete in a football tournament unlike any other The 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup has arrived in Wales. The week-long event begins in Cardiff’s iconic Bute Park tomorrow (Saturday 27th July) and continues until Saturday August 3rd 2019. Almost […]

100 former Welsh Homeless World Cup players receive official caps for Wales

On Wednesday (July 24) 100 former Welsh Homeless World Cup players received official caps for Wales at a ceremony that took place at Dragon Park in Newport, the home of Wales’ National Football Development Centre. This was the first time in the international tournament’s 17-year history that Welsh Homeless World Cup players have been officially […]

Family Friendly activities at the Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup will have a variety of family friendly activities on offer at each day of the tournament. Timings Day Activity Start Activity End Sat 27 July 10.00hrs 17.00hrs Sun 28 July 11.00hrs 17.00hrs Mon 29 July 11.00hrs 17.00hrs Tue 30 July 11.00hrs 17.00hrs Wed 31 July 11.00hrs 15.30hrs Thurs 1 August 11.00hrs […]

Welsh photographer to explore homelessness through the lens of the HWC

Welsh photographer Paul John Roberts is inviting the public to a special preview event for the new Ffotogallery exhibition One Match, from 6pm on Friday 26 July 2019 at 29 Castle St, Cardiff, CF10 1BT. Roberts has been following the progress of Wales’ players and trainers in the build-up to the event, capturing the trials, […]

Cardiff school gets two very special visitors ahead of the Homeless World Cup

On Thursday the dragon mascot who will be entertaining football fans at the forthcoming Homeless Word Cup in Cardiff paid a special visit to meet the school boy who won a competition to name it. Flame, the Homeless World Cup mascot, was accompanied by his good friend, actor and activist Michael Sheen, one of the […]

Michael Sheen shares favourite goals ahead of Cardiff’s Homeless World Cup

A goal. We all have a favourite. Remember exactly where we were when it hit the net, who we were with, how we felt. At the Homeless World Cup, a goal can change a person’s life forever. The 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup will take place in Cardiff’s iconic Bute Park in 10 […]

BBC documentary to feature Welsh Women’s team in run up to Mexico City

Ahead of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff this month the BBC are broadcasting a three-part series following the 2018 Wales Women’s Homeless Football Team. For last year’s Homeless World Cup, they followed the women’s team as they prepared for the tournament in Mexico City. An inspiring heart-felt story that follows the journey and challenges […]

Big names playing Homeless World Cup

Manics’ frontman James Dean Bradfield, The Guilty Feminist with Deborah Frances-White, Charlotte Church, Sara Pascoe and Shreds among big names playing Homeless World Cup Debate on issues from street homelessness to compassion at free festival of much more than football A host of big names from the music and entertainment worlds have been announced in […]

The first kick of the ball: Ugandan refugee who overcame depression

In 2015, Zamu Nabwami had never kicked a football before in her life. Little did she know that just one year later she would be representing Wales in the 2016 Homeless World Cup in Glasgow. After experiencing troubles in Uganda, Zamu left the only home she had ever known and arrived in the UK. After […]

Welsh band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard release Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019 official song

Anthemic ‘Daffodil Hill’ set to be the soundtrack of the summer as the Welsh capital prepares to host a festival of football like no other Welsh four-piece Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have officially launched the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019 song, ‘Daffodil Hill’. The 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup will take place in Cardiff’s […]

Wales international team give advice to Wales’ Homeless World Cup squad

One team includes stars from clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea who’ve played Champions League football, FA cup finals and big international matches. The other is filled with women who’ve experienced social exclusion in the past 12 months through homelessness, substance misuse, mental health problems or cultural issues. Both teams will represent Wales over the coming […]

Wayne Ellaway – A Journey from Homelessness to Coaching the Welsh Squad

After finding himself in a destructive cycle of prison sentences, sofa surfing and substance misuse by 2014 Wayne Ellaway had almost given up on life. However, during a stay at a hostel in Cardiff, Wayne had a conversation with someone from Tŷ Gobaith Lifehouse – part of the Salvation Army – who told him about [...]

Become a ‘Change Maker’ at the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

Hundreds of volunteer roles to be filled at the forthcoming Homeless World Cup – applications are now open The Homeless World Cup 2019 is calling for volunteers to get involved with this year’s tournament, which is taking place in Cardiff’s iconic Bute Park from July 27th to August 3rd. The global event will involve more […]

Wales squads announced for the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

Welsh players join 500+ players from 51 nations in a festival of football that’s about more than just a game The men’s and women’s squads chosen to represent host nation Wales in the Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019 have been announced. Sixteen players from across Wales were named today by Keri Harris, Director of Street […]

Bringing the tournament to Wales

Hollywood actor and activist Michael Sheen is bringing the Homeless World Cup to Wales to create a lasting legacy. The Cardiff 2019 Homeless World Cup bid was led by Welsh actor and activist Michael Sheen, who is taking a hands-on role in the organisation of the event. With homelessness at its worst point in decades […]

Cardiff 2019 Building a Lasting Legacy

The City of Cardiff is gearing up to welcome this year’s Homeless World Cup. More than 500 players will travel to the Welsh capital for the week-long event that will run from July 27 – August 3 in what is promised to be one of the most inspiring tournaments yet. In addition to being a […]

Cardiff to Host 2019 Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup Foundation is delighted to announce that the 2019 Homeless World Cup Tournament will take place in the city of Cardiff, Wales. The official announcement was delivered live on the pitch before the Wales v Spain Exhibition Match at the Principality Stadium, to crowds of Welsh and Spanish fans. The announcement was […]