Back in Black – Behind the scenes with referee Hary Milas

Ever since first officiating at the 2008 Homeless World Cup in his hometown of Melbourne, Hary Milas never looked back. Refereeing at the Homeless World Cup changed him as a referee and made him a life-long fan. We were deeply sad to hear of his passing and are looking back at his remarkable achievements and impact he made. Love and respect were key to Hary and the video below, filmed at the Homeless World Cup in Chile, shows that.

Hary Milas with member of Team Mexico in Glasgow, 2016.

Hary was part of a team of 12 international referees who volunteered their time to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly and professionally. They are vital to the growing strength of the Homeless World Cup.

Watch the video Gavin Sturgeon filmed with Hary at the Homeless World Cup in Santiago below.

Tribute to Hary Milas