The Women’s Trophy Has Arrived

One of the most iconic things about the Homeless World Cup is its trophy. The piece, which represents the journey from homelessness to hope and friendship, was designed almost 15 years ago by street paper vendors in coordination with Scottish artists. Since then the Homeless World Cup trophy has travelled the world across many different cities. Inspiring more and more people with each tournament. This year a new iconic piece will stand alongside the men’s trophy: the official Women’s Homeless World Cup Trophy.

Coming up with a design that could match the men’s trophy in both size and strength was not an easy task, but thanks to a partnership with Glasgow Sculpture Studios and support from Glasgow Sport, we knew exactly what to do.

The idea was simple enough – as part of the legacy from the Glasgow 2016 Homeless World Cup – two Scottish artists would design a bespoke women’s trophy with input from women who have experienced or been affected by homelessness. This trophy would then travel form Glasgow to Oslo to begin its own journey through the world.

Artists Virginia Hutchison and Sarah Forrest, in coordination with Glasgow Sculpture Studios organised a series of sculpture workshops aimed at marginalised women in Glasgow, as well as volunteers from last year’s Glasgow Legacy Project – organised by Glasgow Sport. Through these workshops, participants would get a chance to learn about the creative process and learn to cast small objects. After each session, participants would also get a chance to discuss design ideas for the trophy.

The cast of small objects during one of the workshops. Participants created their own medals.

In addition to the workshops, Hutchison and Forrest attended some of the drop-in sessions organised by Street Soccer Scotland, to speak to the players and understand what the women’s trophy means to them. And so, the idea of the design was conceived:

“We decided that we didn’t want to emulate the men’s trophy,” said Hutchison “and with the players input we were excited about the idea of a shield.” The design incorporates the hands of the players wrapped around scarves that symbolize the love for the game and the friendships that come from it. The words Hope, Respect, Friendship and Strength are written around the trophy to celebrate the core values of the tournament and at the centre, the trophy reads “Women’s Homeless World Cup.”

Scottish player lends a hand, literally!

Women’s trophy embraces the core values of the Homeless World Cup.

The Women’s Homeless World Cup Trophy is a symbol of friendship, strength and endurance, created in the fires of Scotland and ready to shine under the Norwegian sun. Players, volunteers and artists came together to create this beautiful piece, and we are delighted to say that it is finally here.